No Private Sessions

In our world, we want you to get the best of everything. Our online classes are so that you get to stay at home, save the time and energy spent on travel and get to enjoy the benefits of the privacy of your own home. Having said that, we also encourage group sessions. There are no one-on-one classes on our online learning portal. We tend to give more importance to the whole shared learning experience because we believe you learn a lot more when in the company of other learners.

Learning alone will not expose you to an opinion different from yours. In a classroom full of other students, not only do you hear the thoughts of others, you think a lot more and try to question yourself in the process too.

Advantages of joint sessions

  • You are open to asking questions without feeling conscious because there are others who follow the same behavioral pattern too.
  • Having company in a classroom like an environment gives you the motivation to learn
  • Making friends all over the world through our online learning portal makes you more social
  • It is a fact that it is more fun when you are not alone